Our Story

Our story begins from our own home, our own kitchen. We are proud parents of four boys.  While our children were growing up, our home became a second home to many of their friends.  Our kitchen has become accustomed to preparing after school snacks and hosting dinners for both family and friends. With so many great memories created in our kitchen, we decided to open a boba shop.  We wanted a space where both young and old can enjoy themselves. 

The details that make T Cup are the details we have taken from our own home. We wanted to create a homey atmosphere where everyone is able to enjoy good food and good company. There are a variety of reading materials and board games that anyone can enjoy.  We believe we have created a safe and fun space for all to catch up with friends or to even hang around and do homework.

Our dream is also to provide for our community, especially to schools and clubs.  We have participated in hosting many fundraisers at our own shop and even at school sites.  We have given out donation as a way to thank our young customers for their support.